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If you are a sun-lover then you’ll love Cederberg climate. The Cederberg boasts a significantly warmer climate than Cape Town. This combined with big seasonal changes overs it’s visitors the best of both worlds.

Winter (Late May to mid-August)

Our founder’s favorite time in the Cederberg Mountains. Daytime temperatures can reach a pleasant 20-24°c, (far warmer than Cape Town) An ideal temperature to experience the wildness. On the other hand, mornings and evenings are cold and crisp and an excellent time to be bundled up in your sleeping bag. Certain times of the year brings a chance of light snow which totally transforms the landscape and arguably the best time to experience camping in the mountains. The rainfall, however, is pleasantly low as the Cederberg is a semiarid region. Another pleasant addition to visiting at this time of the year is the number of people or rather lack thereof you will encounter on your adventure. We sometimes go days without seeing another human, allowing you to experience the Cederberg almost all to your self.

Summer (Late October to Mid-March)

The summers are hot but dry (no sticky humidity here) and a favored time for our northern Hemisphere visitors to explore. However, days can be hot, really hot in the region of 35°c. It is, however, the best time of the year to swim in the refreshing mountain streams and pools, a favorite past time of all our visitors. We always start hiking early in the day at this time of year allowing time in the afternoon, and along the way for refreshing swims, some shade and topping up the water bottles in the pure mountain water.


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