Cederberg Classic Camping & Hiking

Cederberg Classic Camping & Hiking

$4500 per person

2 to 5 nights


5 – 40km


from R4500.00 pp


Cederberg Classic Camping & Hiking | Cederberg

As many of our local guides and old-timers will tell you, some of their first and most powerful Cederberg experiences they ever had were in the style of the classic camping/hiking. The convenience of camping in a car-friendly, and organized site, allows one to venture out during the day, experiencing the mountainous landscape, waterfalls, rivers, rock formation, and bush art but, without the need to carry heavy backpacks in the region of 40 pounds. This is possible as we always return to “base-camp” where your tent and provisions are waiting for you, and in some cases ,a hot shower and flushing toilet:).

Our classic camping and hiking trips are available in 2 of the most iconic areas in the Cederberg, namely The Algeria Campsite and The Sandrif Campsite. Both offer several campsites with a communal shower block an ablution facilities. These are the perfect start points to make your day assault on the surrounding routes. Algeria offers an excellent waterfall route of approximately 3 hours route, the Middleberg summit and return (5 hours), and a host of others. In comparison, Sandrif provides some of the Cedbergerg’s most iconic days hikes of The Maltese Cross(4 hours), The Wolfberg Cracks(4 hours), The Wolfberg Arch(7+ hours), Lots Wife, and Window Rock (1 to 1.5 hours) as well as Malgat, an excellent short route with fantastic swimming.

Our classic camping and hiking trips are all fully customizable. However, we recommend between 1 to 4 nights, with the two and 3-night option being our most popular.

Please send us an inquiry should you wish to book this adventure, or would like advice on potential options.


All our trips are customized to your needs. Please make contact and we can discuss schedule that suits you best.


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