3-Night Central Cederberg Adventure

3-Night Central Cederberg Adventure

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3/4 Nights




3-Night Central Cederberg Holiday Camp Adventure

Experience waterfalls, rivers, and crystal clear pools for that refreshing swim on this excellent 3/4 night route that can be customized to accommodate children of all ages. The option of either 3 or 4 nights, option one meaning the first night will be spent in the Algeria campsite as the next morning will be an early start with a full day of hiking. After a picturesque 7 hours of walking the crystal clear pools of Crystal Pools, our campsite for the night will be a welcome sight and the perfect way to end the day. Enjoy a refreshing swim as we enjoy a sunset over the mountains. Day 2, brings a more relaxed day of hiking as we explore the plateau, and head for the Middleberg Hut, we have a choice of sleeping in the basic hut for the night or, setting up camp under the oak trees and nearby stream. Our final day, like all, starts with breakfast before we strike camp and start the 3 hours descent back to base camp, where hot showers or a refreshing swim in the river is a welcome end to our adventure. A less pressurized option and our most popular is to choose this route in its 4-Night format. This allows for shorter walking days and three nights spent out in the wilderness and one-night at Algeria campsite, thus giving you more time to experience this iconic route without having to keep checking watches, excessively burning legs and minimal blisters:) No matter what format you choose, you can take comfort knowing your children are in the right hands. We pride ourselves in our 50/50 programs, 50% fun, and 50% learning. Your children will be educated in a relaxed manner about the importance of proper fire protocol, safe camping techniques, indigenous wildlife species of the Cederberg, “leave no trace” camping techniques as well as camp cooking, water safety, safety in the mountains and a host of other information..


All our trips are customized to your needs. Please make contact and we can discuss schedule that suits you best.


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