Helping you experience the outdoors

in a safe, fun, and relaxed manner

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. – Edward Abbey

Cape Hikes was founded simply because of my love for the outdoors and experiencing the solitude, rawness, and feeling of “realness” that only the remote wilderness can offer.

From an early age, I was always an outdoor person from fishing mid-week after school with my father to bird shooting with my grandfather and school camps in the Cederberg wildness. All fond memories that I hold close to my heart, and without question shaped me into the person I am today.

Time went by, I got older, and this love for the outdoors developed further. I spent a year in the Colorado mountains working and experiencing their amazing seasonal changes. Snowboarding in the morning then, catching wild trout in the melting snow in the Colorado River in the afternoon. I rock climbed in the Red Rocks, Las Vegas, and iced climbed in Vail, Colorado. Sailed across the Atlantic ocean a few times, fished competitions on Mauritius island and ran catamaran kite surf charters in the Caribbean. All amazing experiences.

Time to cut an already long story short though, Cape Hikes intends to make the outdoor areas of the Western Cape, namely The Cedberg Wildness, Table Mountain, and Cape Point Nature Reserve accessible to locals and foreigners alike. Our adventures cater to both those who have the necessary gear needed to experience adventures like ours, and for those who don’t. No backpack? No sleeping bag, no climbing rack? No problem! We have top quality rental equipment that is always washed after every adventure.

Our trips, while informative, are not focused on delivering information to our clients 100% of the time. Our hikes and routes are designed to experience the wildness for what it is, in a relaxed fashion, and of course, to have fun while doing it.

Our youth trips all teach safe hiking, and camping techniques, campsite etiquette, fire management, wild camping do’s and don’ts, natural water safety, purification techniques as well as a host of other keys points that ensure the correct foundation is set, standing the youth in good sted for the rest of their lives when venturing into the outdoors.